To make it easy for you to find some title(s), we decided to make a library for you.

So here are all of them from the oldest to the newest.

BTXSongChallenge #1

Topic : The first song that appears after shuffling a playlist

Kim Seungmi = Colors, Melody, and Harmony (Cho Kyuhyun – Cho Jiyoung)

Cho Jiyoung = Catch Me (If You Wanna) (Kim KIbum – Go Jaemi)

Jung Jaeni = You and I (Kim Jaejoong – Kim Seungmi)

Go Jaemi = Honesty (Kim Jaejoong – Kim Jaerin)

Kim Jaerin = Living Like A Dream (살아도 꿈인 것처럼) (Kris – Song Jina)

Park Jihyun = Andante (Jung Jaeni – Lee Hyuk Jae)

Song Jina = Midnight Chapter 1 (Cho Kyuhyun – Park Jihyun) 

Midnight Chapter 2 (Cho Kyuhyun – Park Jihyun)

BTXSongChallenge #2

Topic : A song you really want to hear (right now)

Kim Seungmi = Beautiful (Kris – Song Jina)

Cho Jiyoung = Stand By Me (Lee Hyuk Jae – Jung Jaeni)

Jung Jaeni = Dream Girl (Kim Kibum – Go Jaemi)

Go Jaemi = The Empty Space For You (Cho Kyuhyun – Park Jihyun)

Kim Jaerin = Drunken Truth (취중진담) (Kim Jaejoong – Kim Seungmi)

Park Jihyun = And I Love You.. (Woman Version) (Cho Kyuhyun – Cho Jiyoung)

And I Love You.. (Man Version) (Cho Kyuhyun  – Cho Jiyoung)

Song Jina = Beautiful Hangover (Lee Hyuk Jae – Jung Jaeni)

BTXSongChallenge #3

Topic : Japanese Songs

Kim Seungmi = 1000 Years, Always By Your Side (Kim Kibum – Go Jaemi)

Cho Jiyoung = Promise You (Kim Jaejoong – Kim Seungmi)

Jung Jaeni = Wasurenaide (Cho Kyuhyun – Park Jihyun)

Go Jaemi = Summer Dream (Kris – Song Jina)

Kim Jaerin = Fire (Cho Kyuhyun – Cho Jiyoung)

Park Jihyun = Just For One Day (Kim Jaejoong – Kim Jaerin)

Song Jina = A Day (Kim Jaejoong – Kim Jaerin)

BTXSongChallenge #4

Topic : Female Singers

Kim Seungmi : Only One (Lee Hyuk Jae–Jung Jaeni)

Cho Jiyoung : After A Long Time (Kim Jaejoong– Kim Jaerin)

Jung Jaeni : Beautiful Stranger (Kris–Song Jina)

Go Jaemi : Closer (Cho Jiyoung–Cho Kyuhyun)

Kim Jaerin : My Prince (나의 왕자님) (Cho Kyuhyun–Park Jihyun)

Park Jihyun : Nonsense (Kim Jaejoong–Kim Seungmi)

Song Jina : Ice Cream (Kim Kibum–Go Jaemi)

BTXSongChallenge #5

Topic : Upbeat Songs

Kim Seungmi : 사랑하지 않을까? (Park Jihyun-Cho Kyuhyun)

Cho Jiyoung : Hello (Kris-Song Jina)

Jung Jaeni : 미인아 (Kim Jaejoong-Kim Jaerin)

Go Jaemi : Miracle (Kim Jaejoong-Kim Seungmi)

Kim Jaerin : SHINE (Lee Hyukjae-Jung Jaeni)

Park Jihyun : Hug (Kim Kibum-Go Jaemi)

Song Jina : –

BTXSongChallenge #6

Topic : Soundtrack

Kim Seungmi : 한번만 (Kim Jaejoong-Kim Jaerin)

Cho Jiyoung : I Love You (Cho Kyuhyun-Park Jihyun)

Jung Jaeni : Rise and Shine (Cho Kyuhyun-Cho Jiyoung)

Go Jaemi : –

Kim Jaerin : ONE (Kim Kibum-Go Jaemi)

Park Jihyun : Chajatta (찾았다) (Kris – Song Jina)

Song Jina : U (Kim Jaejoong-Kim Seungmi)


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